Wisconsin's Lemon Law

What is a "lemon"?
A new vehicle - no more than a year old and still under warranty - is a "lemon" if:

It has a serious defect the dealer can't fix in four tries, or
It has one or many defects that prevent you from using it for 30 days or more (the 30 days need not be consecutive)
What is a defect?
A defect covered by the Lemon Law must seriously affect the use, value or safety of your vehicle and must be covered by the warranty. An irritating rattle may not be "serious" enough to make your car a lemon. Stalling probably is.

What vehicles are covered?
The law covers any new car, truck, motorcycle or motor home (does not include mopeds, semi-trailers, trailers or non-motorized RVs) you buy or lease, even if you register the vehicle in another state. It also covers a demonstrator or executive vehicle.

How long are you covered?
The lemon law includes no deadline for filing a lemon law suit; a court would decide if your case were too old.

Is your vehicle a lemon?
Your vehicle is a lemon if all of the following statements are true:

You bought or leased a new vehicle.
The vehicle is a car, truck, motorcycle or motor home.
The vehicle developed a defect or defects during its first year and before the warranty expired.
The defect seriously harms the vehicle's use, value or safety.
One of the following happened during the vehicle's first year and before the warranty expired:
The dealer failed four times to fix the same defect; OR
The vehicle was out of service for 30 days or more due to defects

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  1. This was so helpful! I have been looking toward selling my car in light of The Lemon Law. I really hope that everything works out.



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